Why invest?

– a long-term and sustainable investment

Growth and profitability

Top and bottom-line growth
An investment in Aarsleff is an investment in a steadily growing Danish group with historically increasing revenue and earnings. We focus on profitability and investments in development and new business opportunities. Our business model includes large, single projects solved across the Group to highly specialised and industrialised processes in Pipe Technologies and Ground Engineering. The strategic breadth of our business units and types of work reduces risks and ensures the Group’s development and operation. 

Expertise and specialist skills

Building on experience, know-how and skills
Aarsleff has a strong position within infrastructure and building construction. Over the years, we have built up knowledge and experience. As a result, we have become market leaders in Denmark and in some countries in the Nordic region and in the Baltic Sea region where we offer our specialist expertise, especially within pipe renewal and foundation. We are focused on achieving efficiency and synergies by using our expertise within infrastructure and building construction across the Group. 

Strategy and organisation

Sharing one purpose and one strategy
The Aarsleff Group has many specialised business units. We work together sharing one strategy and one purpose: to establish tomorrow’s infrastructure and buildings, thereby creating value to society with focus on sustainability. We collaborate according to our One Company model. This provides us with an agile and efficient management of our diverse projects, and we ensure that our knowledge of optimum processes and methods remains in the Group, allowing us to use them again in future projects. 

Sustainable development

Corporate social responsibility
Aarsleff has a strong focus on contributing solutions which benefit the environment, the climate and society. This is done by limiting and eliminating the negative impacts in our value chain, and by actively preparing our staff and partners for being a part of the sustainability agenda. We see opportunities for saving energy and reducing costs as well as enhancing efficiency when we are working with the green transition. Our ECO Center contributes significantly to the development, just as Aarsleff’s participation in the Danish government’s climate partnership for building and construction is setting new standards for the industry.

Digitalisation and innovation

Value creation through innovation and digitalisation
For many years, Aarsleff has developed new technologies, processes and solutions making us a market leader within infrastructure and building construction. This innovative approach is a result of our participation in numerous large and complex projects as well as of our targeted technology development in Pipe Technologies and Ground Engineering. This has required new methods, development of partnerships and process optimisation which we can benefit from in future projects. Within digitalisation Aarsleff contributes to driving the development in all parts of the building work. We have a special focus on digital tools which create more flexible ways of collaborating, increase the efficiency in the building processes and reduce costs – to the benefit of our employees, business partners and our customers. 

Strong position

A long-term investment in a growing market
For decades, Aarsleff has been deeply involved in the largest building and construction projects in Denmark. From the large harbour, motorway and natural gas projects in the 1970s and 1980s to the Great Belt Link, the Oresund Link and the offshore wind projects of the past three decades. And since 2015, we have constructed large complex buildings; among them some of Denmark’s tallest residential buildings. In future years, we are looking ahead towards a number of significant infrastructure projects such as the Fehmarnbelt Link project but also projects which are focused on climate solutions and sustainability in the form of more offshore wind farms and the new energy island. Therefore, investing in Aarsleff is also a long-term and sustainable investment in a Group which is strongly positioned for future, large-scale building and construction projects.