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At Aarsleff, we would like to collaborate with students who are enrolled in higher education. We do that through internships or through project collaboration with engineer or construction management students.

Internship at Aarsleff?
Are you an engineer student or a construction management student? Send your application for an internship

We have good experience in composing informative internships. You will try working in an international company among skilled colleagues who have good teaching skills. Many of our trainees are offered a permanent position.

You may also choose to join an internship in one of our subsidiaries, link. The subsidiaries advertise their internships separately.

Meet us at the career fairs
Three times a year, Aarsleff meets the engineer students when we participate in career fairs in Lyngby, Aalborg and Aarhus. At the fairs, you can ask us about working life in Aarsleff, and we can show you examples of ideas for project reports.

Company visits
Company visits will give you an opportunity to experience working life in a large, international contracting company, and we invite groups of engineer students and other relevant groups of students for a visit to one of our many interesting projects.  Also, we give lectures as guest speakers at relevant higher educations.   

Are you interested in visiting Aarsleff? Please call our HR consultant Julie Briand Madsen on +45 8744 2230.