- The foundation for a more sustainable society

Sustainability is a Group theme across all Aarsleff companies. We want to contribute to a green transition of the construction business and to ensure that our Group has a common approach that brings benefit to our customers, employees and society. 

Many of our projects contribute to creating the foundation for a more sustainable society for example in terms of sustainable building construction, vital infrastructure, renewable energy, climate proofing and supply. At Aarsleff, we are working to make our own business and operation more sustainable as well as to ensure a more sustainable project execution together with our customers and collaboration partners. In the end, this will help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

We work with sustainability in our own business, and we are currently focusing on developing our data basis and strengthening our expertise allowing us to provide the best feedback, counselling and task solving also in future. At Aarsleff, sustainability is closely related with innovation when we are finding new solutions across the entire value chain. The climate changes are global and cannot be changed by working in silos – we must all contribute to the global goal of reducing the CO2 emission. For that reason, we cooperate with education and research institutions, suppliers and other players in the industry in order to find shared solutions.