Technical contracts

– Interdisciplinary installations

New construction and reconstruction of hospitals, pharmaceutical buildings, industrial plants, power plants, treatment plants, office buildings and campuses require comprehensive installation work within several disciplines. Aarsleff is capable of handling the entire contract.

Over a number of years, Aarsleff has built up great expertise in interdisciplinary combination and execution of total technical installations. Our total technical solutions comprise:

  • plumbing, water and heating installations as well as cooling systems
  • processing pipes
  • electricity, lighting, high-tension current and low current, IT wiring and IBI systems
  • ventilation incl. clean room installations
  • sewerage and pipe bursting
  • energy optimisation

Total contracts in total projects
Aarsleff takes responsibility for the project management and execution of all technical installations on the construction site in one total contract. Our services cover the total contract as well as operation and maintenance of the technical contracts.

The result is a well-functioning system and a flexible and cost-efficient working process.

Aarsleff also handles technical installations on treatment plants.