The new underground movement

1979 was the year when Aarsleff carried out its first trenchless CIPP Lining – and kicked off what over time has become one of Aarsleff’s core specialist skills.

The first experiments with CIPP Lining took place around Christmas 1978. With the usual sense of reacting constructively to externally imposed challenges, Aarsleff was inspired by a brochure about a new system, the gist of which was to place new pipes inside the old ones.

Liner with great savings
The present Pipe Technologies was established, and a new method from the UK was to be tested. The gist of the method was to renew the pipes from within with a gigantic “stocking”.  The first project consisted of renovation of a 90-metre-long sewer pipe in Holstebro – and it was carried out at a quarter of what it would cost to replace it by means of renovation by conventional excavation and replacement of the pipes.