New buildings

– One building project – one contractor

Aarsleff designs and carries out large building projects, for commercial buildings, teaching facilities, industrial and manufacturing plants, homes, hotels, parking facilities and hospitals.

Operating as a design and build contractor, Aarsleff undertakes the overall coordination of the building project. We transform the good ideas into economically sustainable building projects through early involvement, close collaboration and constructive consultancy.

Aarsleff makes a targeted effort to offer competent and creative solutions for complete building projects. Exploiting the synergies between Aarsleff’s complementary specialist skills, we are able to offer creative and innovative solutions to technical challenges. When we involve our many specialist skills, the client will benefit from having one single contractor – we call this One Company

Large-scale and innovative building projects are complex tasks requiring overview, expertise and experience – and Aarsleff has that.

Overview from the start
Aarsleff uses Virtual Design and Construction for design and planning so we can visualise the final building, find alternatives, optimise the design, identify risks and find the most buildable solutions as well as plan and optimise the building processes before the actual building construction starts.

Would you like to build sustainably?
When the client wants a sustainable building, Aarsleff can advise about standards and help prioritise the opportunities already in the early project phases. We have the resources for project management and handling of sustainable building projects and for ensuring that the principles are complied with and documented. 

High degree of own production
When we construct new buildings, we establish temporary and permanent structures, and we draw on many of the Aarsleff Group’s qualifications, for instance:

  • groundwater lowering
  • bored foundations
  • pile foundation
  • retaining walls, including sheet pile walls and secant pile walls
  • earthwork and pipe work
  • concrete work
  • shell structures
  • concrete element installation
  • steel installation
  • technical installations
  • facade and roof work
  • interior fitting work
  • trade contracts, e.g. carpentry, joinery, bricklaying and painting work.