Ground Engineering

– More than just pile driving

Aarsleff Ground Engineering has many years of experience in driving of reinforced concrete piles, and we offer a wide range of ground engineering services onshore as well as offshore. We differentiate ourselves by having in-house expertise within design, planning and execution of piles, construction pits and groundwater lowering. In addition, we have our own specialist equipment for execution of geotechnical investigation prior to or during the project execution.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering undertakes both large and small projects – from start-up to completion. Thanks to our capacity and our internal organisation, we are able to supply piles and construction pits as design and build contractor. or in subcontracts for other contractors, Our in-house department for design and engineering allows us to supply complete solutions within foundation and construction pits with clear definition of responsibilities.  

Aarsleff Ground Engineering can also draw on the contracting expertise in the rest of the Group, which means that we can also undertake earthwork and concrete work. In this way, we can optimise the project as well as the price.

Specialists in piles and construction pits
Aarsleff is the leading specialist contractor in Europe within pile production and execution of foundations and construction pits.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering has a wide range of traditional machines for driving of precast reinforced concrete piles, and in Scandinavia, we are one of the contractors with the largest capacity of machines for drilling of piles. In addition, we have the crew and equipment for execution of small and large construction pits with different types of retaining walls.

Aarsleff Ground Engineering designs an executes complete construction pits with sheet pile walls, diaphragm walls, king post walls, secant piles, anchor and injection work as well as groundwater lowering systems.

Our expertise also includes geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations as well as pile load tests and vibration measurements, also together with other collaboration partners.

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Ground Engineering expertise across frontiers
In addition to our activities in Denmark, we carry out ground engineering projects via our sister companies in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland and the UK.

We have in-house design expertise in all our markets, and we operate with a local mindset and know-how in the individual countries.  We share experience, methods and in particular crew and equipment across frontiers. This means that we can always use our strongest expertise and constantly develop in terms of best practice, equipment, methods and techniques.

Thanks to our local presence in these six countries, we have specialist knowledge of the different countries’ soil types, norms and rules – and this knowledge makes us able to design foundation structures adapted to challenging local conditions.

We have about 80 piling rigs and drilling rigs as well as specialist equipment and about 1,500 committed employees, which guarantees that we have the capacity and flexibility to carry out large as well as small ground engineering projects on time.

Aarsleff’s ground engineering companies:

Contracting unit: Aarsleff Fundering, Entreprenørfirmaet Østergaard A/SBL Grundvandssænkning A/S
Pile factory: Centrum Pæle A/S 
Engineer: CP Test A/S

Contracting unit: Aarsleff Grundbau GmbHNeidhardt Grundbau GmbHPonel Bau GmbHSTB Wöltjen GmbH 
Pile factory: Centrum Pfähle GmbH 
Engineer: DMT Ingenieure GmbH

United Kingdom
Contracting unit: Aarsleff Ground Engineering LimitedCannon Piling Ltd. 
Pile factory: Centrum Pile Limited

Contracting unit: Aarsleff Sp. z o.o. 
Pile factory:Centrum Pali Sp.z o.o. 
Engineering unit: Metris Sp. z o.o.

Contracting unit: Aarsleff Ground Engineering AB 
Pile factory: Centrum Pile AB

Contracting unit: Aarsleff Fundamentering & Boring ASSteg Entreprenør AS