Ground Engineering

– Pile production founded on a stable system

Aarsleff carries out a broad range of pile driving and foundation work. In addition to driven and drilled pile foundations, we make complete construction pits with retaining walls such as sheet pile walls and combi walls, secant pile walls, diaphragm walls as well as driven and drilled king post walls. We also carry out anchoring and injection work, geotechnical investigations and groundwater lowering systems – adapted to the needs of the individual markets.

Aarsleff is the leading specialist contractor in Europe within pile production and pile foundation. The Ground Engineering segment has about 70 driving rigs and drilling rigs as well as 900 employees. This gives us great flexibility and capacity to handle even the biggest projects on our own.

Production in own factories
Aarsleff supplies complete precast pile systems from our own pile factories in Denmark, Sweden, the UK, Poland and Germany. Together, the factories have a capacity of producing 3,5 million running metres of precast concrete piles per year.

Optimised system
Under the Centrum logo, the pile factories work in a strong partnership according to a uniform system – the Centrum Pile System. This gives us a basis for products and processes which stand out from other suppliers and methods. Our system provides high reliability in all phases with a constant focus on production costs – from the planning phase through production with the most recent technology and high degree of automation and to efficient delivery and installation. We always guarantee clear documentation of all processes.

Strong contracting and engineering skills across frontiers
We have our own design departments in the countries where we are established. Experience, methods and expertise are shared across country borders with a view to continuing the development of pile types, machinery as well as new methods and techniques. In this way, we have built up specialist knowledge of the different countries’ norms and rules – and this knowledge makes us able to design foundation structures adapted to local conditions.

Read more about our activities in the individual countries:

Contracting unit: Aarsleff Fundering. Pile factory: Centrum Pæle A/S. Engineering unit: CP Test A/S.

Contracting unit: Aarsleff Grundbau GmbH and Neidhardt Grundbau GmbH. Pile factory: Centrum Pfähle GmbH.

The UK
Contracting unit: Aarsleff Ground Engineering Limited. Pile factory: Centrum Pile limited.

Contracting unit: Aarsleff Sp. z o.o. Pile factory: Centrum Pali Sp. z o.o. Engineering unit: Metris Sp. z o.o.

Contracting unit: Aarsleff Ground Engineering AB. Pile factory: Centrum Pile AB.

If you would like information about our activities in other countries – please contact our Danish department.