One Company

- When everyone contributes to utilising synergies

The Aarsleff Group is organised in independent, competitive divisions and companies each with their own specialist expertise. We refer to teamwork and collaboration across divisions as “One Company”, meaning that we seek and exploit synergies. The synergies develop when specialist contractors contribute expertise to reach the best solution.

All large-scale projects are undertaken in collaboration between several of Aarsleff’s divisions and companies. This allows us to utilise and share experience gained through intercompany projects, just as we give priority to joint management because it creates value to the customer in the form of flexible and efficient processes – and not least results of the highest quality.

That’s the One Company approach – building projects (link to the animation on the Aarsleff Vimeo channel) 

That’s the One Company approach – civil engineering projects (link to the animation on the Aarsleff Vimeo channel)

Independent and sharp
The Aarsleff Group regularly expands its operations by acquisitions or establishment of subsidiaries in Denmark and abroad. The companies that we choose to acquire are well-run and have specialist contracting skills. They have a strong management and have shown good results.

All companies are organised as independent entities and are competitive with regard to One Company projects as well as own projects. We believe that this contributes to keeping the individual entities sharp and strong, creating the best foundation for mutual development.

One point of entry
By drawing on the companies’ versatile contracting expertise, Aarsleff is able to undertake work of any scale in turnkey projects with a high degree of own production. This provides security for the client – financially as well as professionally.

”As part of the Aarsleff Group, we have participated in many One Company projects, and we think that the concept is quite unique.The project is always in focus, and it simply creates a better product. Nobody is trying to suboptimise own processes, and the close working relationship means that conflict management in the design phase is taken care of before we start working on the construction site. That is of great benefit – to us and to our customers.”

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