Digital building

– When VDC and digital development build value

At Aarsleff, the use of Virtual Design & Construction, VDC, is a natural part of our building and construction projects from tender to handover. We are innovative and use VDC as a catalyst for increased sustainability and efficiency. We standardise and automatise, thereby benefitting our customers, our collaborative partners and not least our employees and collaborations across the Aarsleff Group.

Digitalisation is a strategic focus area in Aarsleff. We have one of the biggest and most competent VDC organisations in the industry, capable of identifying and supporting the needs of our business. What is more, our VDC organisation is an integrated part of the construction sites where models are available for workers throughout the execution phase. Because our vision is to make VDC available for everyone.

First, we build virtually
VDC supports the entire building process from tender to handover with services ranging from treatment of 2D drawings and Building Information Modelling (BIM) to advanced use of data for analyses, simulations and visualisations such as 4D and 5D. Building virtually allows us to optimise and spot details, challenging the buildability, early on in the design and planning phases. In this way, we can modify the execution and perhaps find alternative and better solutions.

When we have built virtually, then we build in practice according to our virtual models. We continuously inspect, for instance by using laser scanning that shows the actual work performed directly in the models. This provides us with a visual and factual outline of the progress and helps us to identify any possible nonconformities or errors.

Aarsleff has one of the biggest and most competent VDC organisations in the industry. We are innovative and use VDC as a catalyst for increased sustainability and efficiency.

ICT as a strong management tool
The information and communication technology, ICT, is the tool that now makes complex building possible. We have a structured approach to ICT and ICT management and contribute to setting the standard in the building and construction industry.

We see ICT and a shared digital language as a strong management tool that supports and optimises processes plus builds value on the projects. In this way, we make sure that knowledge generated from the BIM models is based on the right underlying data and available throughout the entire execution phase.

Focusing on ICT management, we know that the complex digital collaboration has also been facilitated. As a result, the project and the collaboration get full benefit of the innovative development and the many opportunities of digital building while also meeting the requirements towards more sustainable building practices.

Contributing to industry communities
Aarsleff actively contributes to the digital development and knowledge sharing in the Danish construction industry. We are a member of Molio, the knowledge centre for building and construction, and we are also a member of the industry community DiKon whose mission is to develop, test and anchor new digital standards.