– Close collaboration from the initial phase

More and more of Aarsleff’s large and complex civil engineering projects are carried out in partnering. The concept of partnering is to establish a close collaboration based on dialogue between client, consultant and contractor with the purpose of finding the best possible solution to the project.

Common goals of a common project
The parties agree on a number of common goals and establish an open and honest communication from the start. In a partnering agreement, the parties’ individual interests are integrated into a common goal of carrying out the work as well, fast and inexpensively as possible.

Economical and efficient
Aarsleff has good experience with the partnering concept. And the advantages to the customer are clear. Partnering collaboration generally means that execution of the project is cost-efficient and of high quality – not least because the close collaboration calls for a good development environment to conceive and implement new methods and ideas, and expectations are aligned in advanced and on an ongoing basis.

Aarsleff also offers framework agreements according to the principles of partnering.