Site development

– Optimum conditions

Before a building project is commenced – be it several houses or an entire urban quarter – the construction site must be developed to provide optimum conditions for the construction process and for the final dwellings or business.

Aarsleff has expertise in the design, planning and execution of site development work – new construction as well as development projects in general – also as regards urban development of harbour areas.

Many specialist skills involved
We combine many of our specialist skills for site development. Our work includes:

  • earthwork
  • demolition of old structures
  • piling
  • establishment of construction pits
  • sheet piling
  • installation of pipe systems
  • installation of supply lines
  • sewerage and reservoirs
  • preparation and construction of roads, bridges and tunnels
  • excavation of canals
  • coastal protection, harbour construction and other marine construction  

Aarsleff handles the total project, which means that the client will experience a smooth process in which all projects are integrated. This saves both time and money.

Close collaboration
We often carry out the work in partnering in close collaboration with the client and the consultant.