Contract types

– Fra trade contracts to design and build contracts

Aarsleff can undertake the overall responsibility for Denmark’s major construction projects. We are competitive within all types of contracts and we offer our clients a high degree of own production and a high level of consultancy.

The Aarsleff Group has strong technical skills within ground engineering, earthwork, sewer work, concrete work, bricklaying work, carpentry work and all technical installations.

Contract types
Aarsleff provides a diverse range of contract types: 

  • Design and build contracts with early involvement



Aarsleff is involved in the early project phase and handles design management, with focus on project finance, until the authority project. Subsequently, Aarsleff acts as a design and build contractor.


  • Traditional design and build contracts



Aarsleff is the client’s point of contact and is responsible for coordination of the building project of which the main part is carried out in own production.


  • Main contracts



Aarsleff undertakes the main part of the building project in own production, but the client has for instance a consultant or a supplier of specific contracts.  


  • Trade contracts


Aarsleff supplies several of the project's trade contracts in one contract or handles individual contracts as a subsupplier to e.g. a design and build contractor.


The Aarsleff Group is organised in independent, competitive divisions and subsidiaries each with their own specialist expertise. When we work across the Group in major contracts, we seek and exploit synergies. The synergies develop when specialist contractors contribute expertise to reach the best solution. A solution which creates value for the client in terms of flexible and efficient processes – and not least results of a very high quality – we call this One Company