– Foundations for the energy of the future

The demand for green energy is growing consistently. In Denmark and in the UK, especially, the wish for a more CO2 friendly energy production has led to the establishment of some of the world’s largest offshore wind farms.

Aarsleff is among the world’s leading companies within installation of foundations for offshore wind farms – and we have been a driver of development over the past ten years.

A wide range of technical specialist equipment
Each project is a unique challenge. So we find it essential to compose the right team of experts and find the right equipment for the project – also if it means that we are to design it ourselves. Aarsleff has a wide range of specialist equipment developed by our own engineers.

Anemometer masts
In addition to foundations for offshore wind turbines and transformers, we have specialised in the installation of anemometer masts. Anemometer masts are used for registration of the wind in an area prior to a civil engineering project – typically three to five years before – and will provide reliable data for the financial calculations of a project.

500 offshore wind turbine foundations
Each day, our employees transform many years of experience into design, structural engineering and establishment of foundations for offshore wind farms. In 2003, we completed our first offshore wind farm, and since then, we have carried out as many as 500 wind turbine foundations in steel and concrete. In the past 15 years, we have supplied and installed 15 anemometer masts in Northern Europe.

Foundations on land
Also on land, Aarsleff carries out foundations for the energy of the future. In Denmark, Germany and in the UK, especially, Aarsleff has installed piles and carried out concrete work for wind turbine foundations.

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