Share Analysts

The following analysts cover the Aarsleff share:

ABG Sundal Collier
Peter Sehested
Phone:  +45 3546 3012
Mobile: +45 2835 0903

Kristian Tornøe Johansen
Senior Equity Analyst
Phone: +45 3328 3307
Mobile: +45 5132 9737

Nordea Markets Equities
Change of analyst

Danske Bank Markets
Anders Christian Preetzmann
Equity Analyst
Phone: +45 4514 1522

Carnegie Investment Bank
Alexander Borreskov
Senior Equity Analyst
Phone: +45 3288 0463
Mobile: +45 2448 5979


According to Per Aarsleff Holding A/S’s information, the above mentioned analysts cover the Aarsleff share. Analyses from the analysts have not been presented to the company for approval. Per Aarsleff Holding A/S thus disclaims the content of such analyses.