Soil deposits

– Safe final disposal

With Aarsleff’s soil deposits, slightly contaminated soil is stored in an environmentally safe way.

No contamination of the environment
As an example, Aarsleff establishes soil deposits for harbour facilities where the slightly contaminated soil can be used for land reclamation incorporated in a completely tight membrane, so pumping in of sand from the seabed is not necessary. As a result, nature’s resources are saved.

In the deposit, the soil is stored permanently without being a burden to the environment – neither by seepage nor by using resources for decontamination.

From drawing to operation
Aarsleff establishes soil deposits in turnkey solutions where we cover the complete work – from drafts and preliminary investigations to installation and operation. We use our broad range of specialist skills, including:

  • earthwork
  • concrete work
  • installation of sheet pile walls
  • marine construction work 

We handle the operation
In addition to establishing the soil deposit, Aarsleff also handles the subsequent operation of the deposit. We comply with the relevant regulations and obtain documentation proving that the deposited soil does not exceed the approved limit values. Also, we currently take samples of the soil.

A sound operation of the soil deposit may contribute to co-financing the rest of the construction project – e.g. a harbour extension.