Waste management

– Systematise the waste

The Aarsleff Group provides different solutions for waste management:

Recycling centres
With a well-planned and well-built recycling centre, the municipality can provide an easy and optimised solution for waste management to citizens and businesses. The recycling centre should be spacious with well-planned container sites and passable roads – and Aarsleff provides services within this field.  Our work covers the full project – from the drawing phase to the execution phase which involves all the contracting work, including:

  • excavation
  • platforms for waste containers
  • establishment of roads
  • In collaboration with the client, we are able to establish recycling centres in turnkey contracts.

Underground waste containers
In urban environments and other residential areas, where many people are using the same waste system, underground containers are a user-friendly, hygienic and environmentally friendly solution. Aarsleff provides stable and functional underground waste systems as customised solutions, which include:

  • consultancy on positioning of the containers, choice of container type and surfacing
  • relocation of conduits
  • installation of concrete box
  • installation of safety fence and container
  • finishing surfacing work
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