The bridge across the belt

The Great Belt Link opened with pomp and circumstance in 1998. The project kept Aarsleff busy during the decade leading up to the opening, and the huge civil engineering project was a milestone which made clear that the Group is able to handle huge projects – to plan them, put at price on them and have them carried out in a very short time.

Swings and roundabouts
Aarsleff was involved in a consortium for the construction of the bridge. However, this did not become an unconditional economic success. We had considerable losses on the swings, but we gained on the roundabouts. The Construction department used its full potential in the period with many contracts in the order book; for example land reclamation at Knudshoved, excavation of one million cubic metres of soil at the isle of Sprogø and some minor motorway stretches. The considerable expertise within marine construction which we had acquired during several decades really came into play.