Ventilation channels

Renovation with a minimum of disturbance

Indoor climate and energy optimisation are in focus in new houses as well as old houses, and good and efficient ventilation is of great importance.

When a ventilation system needs to be replaced or starts to leak, a renovation of the existing channels will often be a quicker, more flexible and profitable solution than replacing them with new ones. Aarsleff specialises in the CIPP Lining method – a method suitable for renovation of ventilation channels and approved for supply air.

Uses the existing channel
A CIPP Lining will make the channels tight and serviceable again. The process is carried out by installing a CIPP Lining inside the existing channels – with only a minimum reduction of the cross section. Our solution is used in natural vents and/or in cancelled chimneys. This way, we avoid demolition of walls, installations, floors etc.

Minimum nuisance – and costs
A CIPP Lining has a long life, but a short installation time. The process is significantly faster than traditional replacement. And we do not have to enter the building and make serious interventions in the existing installations. As a result, nuisance such as noise, dust and disturbances are reduced to a minimum.

A renovation with Aarsleff CIPP Lining is also a more economical solution than a new installation: The installation time is shorter, and you will save the subsequent reinstatement costs for e.g. carpentry, masonry and painting.

Include us from the beginning
Aarsleff Pipe Technologies can contribute with experience already in the planning phase, and together we can find out if renovation is the best solution. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

How is a CIPP Lining carried out?
See the film on Aarsleff CIPP Lining with LED curing