Civil engineer with great plans for the future

Christian Wagtmann Murberg was an engineer trainee in 2015. Now he is employed as an engineer

As an engineer student, I specialised in management, finance and site preparation, and Aarsleff seemed like the perfect place to find out how the real world is. And since the chemistry at the interview was good, there was nothing to discuss. It had to be Aarsleff.

During my trainee period, I worked as a site manager assistant. Aarsleff had won a large building project, and one of my tasks was to keep track of our building drawings and the many changes during the project. I spent much of my time quality assuring the work on the site and following up on the commercial management.

My colleagues were good teachers, and I was involved in their considerations because they felt that I was committed and would like to participate. Generally, I was assigned with more responsibilities, but I never felt out of my depth. I could always get help. I was challenged, and the best thing about my trainee period was that I felt I was an important part of the project. I really appreciate the trust that was put in me.

Professionally, I felt there was a good balance between theory and practice. As an example I learned about form, materiality and casting of concrete from the building operatives on site. The variation between office and construction site was actually the reason why I chose to spend my trainee period in a contracting company. During the six months, it became clear to me that I don't just want to work as a consultant in an office, I also want to visit the site and see how my calculations turn into real projects. After my trainee period, I was connected to the same department as a student worker preparing tenders.

My plans for the future pointed one way – I wanted to work as a site manager and fortunately, I now have a job at Aarsleff.