Construction operative with flair for pipes and big machines

Mikkel Sørensen has been an apprentice since 2014

Usually my mornings start around seven when the foreman goes through the daily tasks. There is a cheerful atmosphere, and it is nice to meet before the day starts.

Right now we are working on a sewer project, so I get a lot of practice laying pipes and operating an excavator. I like laying pipes. Usually, you do not think about what is hiding in the soil, so I find it fascinating to dig into the soil and see what is under the pavement or the asphalt. And not least, being a part of something as essential as making our sewer systems work.

At Aarsleff, we get along really well across age groups and professions. The colleagues show respect for each other, and everybody can work together. I like working together with my foreman and the other experienced operatives and chargehands. They are always open to new ideas, and we often discuss how we can carry out the work in the best way. To begin with, I felt a bit insecure about being assigned with the responsibility for major projects – because I like everything to be perfect. But now I like taking responsibility and prioritising work myself.

Soon, I will finish my apprenticeship, and after working at Aarsleff I am convinced that a career as construction operative is the right way for me. I like being active outside instead of sitting inside, and I feel prepared for the life after my apprenticeship.