Construction operative in the right place

Jonas Melin

”As far back as in primary school, I knew that I wanted to work with my hands instead of sitting behind a desk. I started as a construction worker in Aarsleff, and after 18 months – and a good dialogue with the foreman – I took the plunge and applied for the construction operative studies.

I mainly work with sewer separation in and around Aarhus as part of a framework agreement with the utility company Aarhus Vand. But I’ve also participated in the work of several equalizing reservoirs, e.g. a stormwater reservoir functioning as a forest lake. I’ve been assigned to the framework agreement during my entire apprenticeship, but it hasn’t been boring at all. The workday involves a lot of challenges, and even though the work tasks seem to be the same, the projects are never the same.

At Aarsleff, we get along really well across age groups and professions. The experienced colleagues are good at helping and sharing their knowledge, and at the same time, they are attentive to new solutions.

Soon, I’ll finish my apprenticeship, and after working at Aarsleff, I’m convinced that a career as construction operative is the right way for me. I earn slightly less during my apprenticeship, than I did as a construction worker. But with my certificate, I’m better positioned, so to me it’s an investment in the future.