Building operative ready for future building projects

Anders Juul Johansen

”I chose a career as building operative because it sounded exciting and challenging. Before I started on the building operative studies, I worked for 18 months as a construction worker within concrete renovation. I liked the work, but with my training certificate, I can document my skills – and this gives me security in future.

My workday at Aarsleff is varied and challenging. I’ve been working on projects like the CHP Plant Amagerværket and Copenhagen Airports, and at the moment, we’re working on the Copenhagen Light Rail, where we’ve extended a pedestrian tunnel under Ring 3 near Glostrup Hospital. When we’re working on a project, I get the opportunity to participate in all processes, such as installing the formwork, tying the reinforcement and carrying out the concreting work. It’s exciting to participate in the different work tasks and see how people, machinery and materials go hand in hand to create the buildings which surround us each day. The only thing I’m not allowed to is to operate the crane, as I don’t have a crane certificate.

We have a strong team spirit in our crew, and several of my colleagues have many years of experience – more than my years of age. They don’t mind sharing their experience, and they don’t mind explaining one more time, if there’s something that you don’t understand. As long as you use your head and show a drive to learn.

I enjoy the responsibility that I’m assigned with. Often, I just get a drawing and then it’s up to me to find out how the job is carried out in the best possible way. That’s good preparation for life after school.”