Head of section wears more hats

Christoph Valentin Olsen joined Aarsleff in 2007

– Actually, I wear two hats in Aarsleff. In my position as head of section, I have the overall responsibility for the staff and the machines in my section. I am responsible that the staff always know what to do, and for implementing our projects on time and with the best quality. Also, I am responsible for a number of project management assignments because I have great experience with project management of small and large projects in Aarsleff.

A common feature of all my assignments is that they require that you are on top of things and that you have a structured approach to the work.  As a head of section and project manager, it is important to pass on a project in the best possible way, and also, you must be able to look back and make sure that all assignments have been taken care of. Besides having a degree in engineering, it is necessary to have an understanding of management, economy and communication to make it all come together.

I have grown a lot since I first came to Aarsleff – as a trainee from Germany. From day 1, I found out that Aarsleff is a workplace with independent planning and execution of the work but which also offers the necessary support from everywhere in the organisation.  Actually, I think that the most characteristic features of Aarsleff as a workplace are: freedom with responsibility and the will to support the professional development of the employees.