Retaining walls

– The frame of deep structures

Aarsleff has many years of experience with installation of retaining walls for civil engineering work. The wall is installed by driving, vibration, drilling or pressing-in.

Retaining walls are established in connection with:

  • road construction
  • embankments
  • slopes
  • underground parking
  • temporary retaining walls for construction pits
  • permanent quay wall structures

Aarsleff offers different types of retaining walls, such as sheet pile walls, diaphragm walls, king post walls and secant pile walls.

Strict environmental requirements for noise and vibrations
Aarsleff is market leader within development of methods reducing noise and vibration. We continuously work on developing methods and equipment considering environmental impacts of noise and vibrations.

We have piling equipment for the installation of retaining walls without noise and vibrations. This is a big advantage when the work is carried out in urban areas close to old, preservation-worthy buildings, or when our customers wish to establish a construction pit in existing production facilities, where the production must not be disturbed by vibrations.

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