Ground anchors

– For down-to-earth structures

Aarsleff installs all types of temporary and permanent drilled ground anchors. We use ground anchors for spread foundation and for anchoring of permanent and temporary structures in clay, soil, gravel or sand – without excavation, casting or damage to the foundation.

We use ground anchors for:

  • anchoring of retaining walls
  • securing of structures against uplift
  • anchoring of bridges, masts etc.
  • stabilisation of slopes

We carry out spread foundation and anchoring all year round and in all types of ground – frozen ground, asphalt or sett stone paving.

We are here to advise you
Aarsleff designs and provides consultancy services for all types of anchoring projects. Our consultancy includes:

  • choice of anchoring method
  • area of application
  • requirements to load capacity and total stability
  • requirements to service life

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