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05.05.2020 - Company announcement

Reduction of share capital

Reduction of share capital and information on possession of treasury shares

At the ordinary annual general meeting of Per Aarsleff Holding A/S on 30 January 2020, it was decided to reduce the company’s share capital by nominally DKK 4,530,000 from nominally DKK 45,300,000 to nominally DKK 40,770,000 by cancellation of part of the company’s own B shares, a total of nominally DKK 4,530,000 distributed on 2,265,000 B shares of nominally DKK 2 each. 

Today, the Danish Business Authority has registered and completed the capital reduction and cancelled nominally DKK 4,530,000 B shares. After the capital reduction, the share capital of the company amounts to nominally DKK 40,770,000 divided into nominally DKK 2,700,000 class A shares and DKK 38,070,000 class B shares. 

With reference to section 31 of the Danish Capital Markets Act, it is hereby announced that Per Aarsleff Holding A/S now holds 210,624 B shares of nominally DKK 2 each in Per Aarsleff Holding A/S, corresponding to 1.03% of the total share capital and 0.65% of the total voting rights in Per Aarsleff Holding A/S.