Our mission, vision and values

Our mission

The Aarsleff Group plans and completes large, complex projects within infrastructure, climate adaptation, the environment, energy and building construction. We lay the foundations of a sound financial development of society and create value for the Group’s shareholders.

  • We obtain flexibility and synergy through joint management and prioritisation. This way, we use the market opportunities and obtain savings.
  • We focus on building long-term partnerships when we deliver our services in order to obtain a joint competitive edge and provide high quality and value to our customers.
  • We select, calculate, plan and execute our projects with great security in the project management phase.
  • We combine our specialist contracting expertise into total services in accordance with the customers’ requirements and with a high degree of own production.
  • We take a risk if it is well-considered, can be assessed and incorporated into our tenders.
  • We are constantly developing, by improving what we already do or by using our good ideas.

Our vision

The Aarsleff Group wants to be a preferred and significant building construction and civil engineering group with international scope, based in Denmark.

  • We are an integrated group with a common approach to business, management and projects.
  • We realise synergies, as all our business units contribute independently while also contributing to the Group’s synergy in one company projects.
  • We strive to have a significant position in Denmark.
  • We have the expertise within project activities which enable us to operate with a competitive edge internationally.
  • We are a predominant player on the markets where we choose to position our industrial activities.
  • We have managers who lead the way and take action in time.
  • We obtain economies of scale and profitable growth by ongoing development of solutions and standards and improvement of productivity and efficiency.
  • We have a long-term view, and we make the difficult and required decisions.

Our values

Commitment to what we do

  • We have a strong commitment – and we work hard
  • We are competent – and humble
  • We are professional – and cooperative
  • We communicate openly, honestly – and directly.

Focus on essential matters

  • We have an open mind – and a sharp focus
  • We are passionate about our profession – and focus on joint solutions
  • We are specialists – and good at collaborating
  • We have a broad perspective – and a hands-on approach.

Striving for improvement and renewal

  • We are innovative – and reflective
  • We are enterprising – and improve what we already do
  • We delegate responsibility – and follow up
  • We have a joint ambition – and an eye for individual achievements.

Overall responsibility

  • We have a flair for sound business – and we take corporate social responsibility seriously
  • We have strong cultural common features – and we value diversity
  • We challenge our employees – and prioritise occupational health and safety
  • We are dynamic – and can always be trusted.