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25.09.2023 - Company announcement

Aarsleff awarded large district heating contract in Furesø, Egedal and Frederikssund

The company I/S Vestforbrænding has awarded a contract to Per Aarsleff A/S for the extension of the district heating network in the municipalities of Furesø, Egedal and Frederikssund. The contract is a part of phase 1 of the plan "Varmeplan 2030" which will provide house owners with the opportunity to phase out and replace their oil and gas furnaces with district heating which is more sustainable.

The contract is a design & build contract, and Aarsleff's work comprises design and installation of almost 75 kilometres of main pipelines and distribution pipelines which will be buried in the industrial district in Frederikssund and in the streets of the municipalities Furesø and Frederikssund, allowing almost 3,400 house owners to convert to district heating. In addition, we will install new main pipelines between the towns Måløv and Stenløse as well as between Ølstykke and Frederikssund.

"We are pleased that the Aarsleff Group can contribute to providing more house owners with the opportunity to convert to a more sustainable energy source. The execution of district heating pipelines is one of our core skills, and we will do our utmost to give the many customers a good experience during the important and necessary green transition," says Jesper Kristian Jacobsen, CEO of Aarsleff.

The design work will begin in October, and the installation work will take place from April 2024 to December 2028. In addition to Per Aarsleff A/S, the Group's technical contractor, Wicotec Kirkebjerg A/S, will be involved in the contract as they will carry out the welding work and the installations at the customers. In addition, COWI A/S will participate as consulting engineer.

The total value of the contract is DKK 2 billion. The award of the contract is subject to approval from the board of directors of I/S Vestforbrænding and the usual standstill period of 10 days.

The contract does not affect Aarsleff's earnings expectations for the financial year 2022/23.