Corporate social responsibility

– Breeding ground for a sustainable business

Aarsleff wishes to operate a responsible and healthy business to create job satisfaction, growth and development. We are aware that we are an integrated part of society, and we wish to take on this responsibility. We wish to be a reliable business partner to our customers and business connections, as it contributes positively to the company’s results and the job satisfaction of our employees.

We have the following focus areas:

Fair business practices
We wish to contribute to a sound, democratic and competitive development of society. We do not allow any kind of price cooperation, cartel formation or abuse of market dominance.

Human rights
We always carry out our projects with respect for basic human rights and the prohibition of child labour.

Environmental conditions
We wish to support society’s interest for environmental improvements, e.g. by reducing energy consumption and using environmentally friendly methods and materials and by reducing waste on our construction projects.

Labour conditions
We wish to be the best in the business within occupational health and safety. And we wish to assign high priority to a safe and value-adding working environment. We are certified according to OHSAS 18001.

Consumer conditions
We wish to be a competent, responsible and quality-conscious collaboration partner. In collaboration with our customers, we work determinedly on method development and development of new, simple, improved and more cost-efficient solutions at all levels of the organisation.

Responsible social development
In our opinion, the training of apprentices is one of our most important corporate social responsibilities, and we wish to attract, maintain and develop the best employees within the engineering disciplines.

The underrepresented gender
The policy is that we wish to have an open and unbiased culture that allows the individual employee to use his/her qualifications in the best possible way, regardless of gender.

Read more below in the statutory statement of the company's corporate social responsibility, cf. section 99a of the Danish Financial Statements Act.

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